Yes, you may have some cherry tomatoes from the "Topsy Turvy" garden on my apartment's balcony.  They are too cute to eat but you just cannot resist 'em!  These plump red ripe delectable orbs are the center of attraction on the vine, and at the dinner table.  

I must say we have been eating them in the most unconventional ways:  cherry tomatoes on top of sharp cheddar cheese rye toast, a handful tossed in a bowl of lima bean soup, or right after you pluck 'em before they make it to the kitchen...where the real show begins.  

If the little guys survive their trip to the feast, first they get a bath before saying "cheese" as they smile for my camera.  Who said that playing with your food is bad thing?  One by one, we lay them out to see what designs we can create. Their green prickly stems are like starfish stuck to a rock and serves as a tuxedo to celebrate as summer’s first harvest begins.  This glorious event lasts until we devour them all when none are left to pose for the photos.
The parade of tomatoes lasts a few months long until the end of the season when the vine dries out.  I am going to miss my tomato garden but I will be patiently awaiting for the seedlings to grow up again next year to produce another troupe of the fabulous posing cherry tomatoes.